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Izašla je prva kritika albuma MOVIES u Americi, što me čini neizmerno srećnim. U globalnoj konkurenciji gde učestvuje na milion bendova iz celog sveta dobiti relevantnu kritiku je ravno izvlačenju loto brojeva, pogotovo kad dolazite iz pravca Srbije. 

Ne igra Novak Đoković jedino na USA Openu.


(02.Jun 2012)



Karneval: Movies 

Sound and inner sight come together in a very interesting way on Karneval’s
latest album, entitled Movies. The six songs featured are all inspired by particular movies, and are formatted accordingly. Karneval didn’t just claim that their songs are influenced by films, they worked their particular brand of European electro-pop magic around the films, engulfing what makes each film so distinctive, without losing their alluring sound in the process. Even without knowing what the particular movie is that Karneval may be referencing, you can get a very strong feeling of the atmospheres of each.

The song Wild At Heart, inspired by the David Lynch directed film of the same name, incorporates elements of 50s rock and roll and 80s power ballads that match the rebel-with-a-cause mentality on display in the movie, while Fitzcarraldo’s gothic overtones reflect the growing madness that permeates the main character’s psyche. Even if you’re not familiar with the films that Karneval is referencing, they give each song a clear beginning, middle, and end, fully embodying the classical storytelling of old Hollywood, creating a mental audiovisual cinema of its own. If you are looking for truly unique notes, chords, and moans that evoke cinema, but don’t require you to surrender your butt to a seat for an hour and twenty minutes, look no further than Karneval’s Movies.
by Dylan Green


  1. Čestitam! "Movies" zaslužuje samo lepe reči. :)

  2. hvala, nikola! da ne zaboravimo, prve lepe reči si napisao ti :)

  3. E ovo je super :))))
    (..tek sad videh)



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